Domaine des Sangliers – Cahors Black Wine to drink!


Wine Summary:  Stanton Rose is 100% Malbec and very elegant.  Appley cirtus notes on the nose and at first taste, lingering hint of peppery freshness and peach.  Sangliers 2006 is also 100% Malbec, AOC, light and fragrant, hint of oaky pepper and red fruits, easy to drink. Stanton Black 2006 also 100% Malbec, is a darker more concentrated black fruits, oaky hints and longer taste.  Stanton Black 2007 true Black Wine, 100% Malbec, liquorice undertones, oaky peper on the nose, more concentrated dark fruits with mellowed tannins giving this body and complexity.

The Visit (first blogged in Jan 2014):

I first visited the Organic Vineyard of Lisa and Kim Stanton back in March 2013, and Lisa was kind enough to let me use her wines as a ‘first tasting’.  Patiently talking me through her wines, she helped me to describe what I was looking at, smelling and tasting.  A lovely English lady (with an incredible singing voice), she owns and runs the vineyard with her New Zealand husband Kim (a biker as well, great guy!).  They have worked hard at gaining their Organic certification, and continue tirelessly to add quality and good value to their wines each year.


I was lucky enough to re-visit Lisas vineyard in January 2014 with my family in tow, parents, husband and children!  We all descended upon her to taste her wines once more and to also give me the chance to write her wines up in my Wine Blog, as I have been selling her 2007 Stanton Black wines for nearly a year now, through 46 Black Wine in France, and will commence imported sales soon through Mearsdon Wines Ltd in the UK.

So on one cold afternoon in January 2014, Lisa kindly opened the tasting room to myself and my family.  The temperature was a little on the chilly side, but I know that her wines are good enough to shine through even on the coolest 10 – 14 degrees we had inside that day.


We started with her Rose …….WOW!  I am very very hard to please with the roses of Cahors, I am of the opinion that is is incredibly difficult to produce an excellent rose, and I don’t represent ‘OK’ wines, only the best of the best of the best! ….. I only had 2 on my wine list before this visit – I now have 3.  It has a darker colour than most in Cahors (except for another very good dark rose from Mas del Perie), the purple Malbec grape being a stronger colour and producing either sour roses, or too sweet with the added sugar needed.  At first, Lisas Rose has an appley citrus on the nose,  a very delicate hint of peach at first taste, sweeter than some others, yet still the tannins work well to ensure a perfect balance of dryness matches this sweetness and it is not overwhelming.  It is very gentle, incredibly smooth and lingers in the mouth just long enough to tempt you into another mouthful…. I took her last 25 bottles and I am waiting with growing anticipation for her 2013 Rose.  Well done to Lisa and Kim!


Moving on next to her ‘Sangliers 2006’ at 12.5% it is a lighter, mellow colour, not at all the dark purple more commonly associated with the ‘Black Wine’.  However, this does not disappoint at all.  On the nose there is just a hint of oak as it spends 3 months only in the barrel, and with a lovely light peppery taste, the gentle tannins allow for a good body.  A lovely light wine, certainly one that could be drunk on its own, or compliment the right food.


Stanton Black 2006 was our next wine, and one I had been looking forward to as I sell her 2007.  This was certainly darker and more representative of the wines Cahors has become famous for.  Fruity, darker notes hit you straight away and hint at the darkness in your hand.  At first taste, the red fruits with hints of cassis and an underlying lingering liquorice certainly delighted me. Not as ‘black’ as the 2007, this is still a very nice wine, well worth trying definitely.




The true ‘Black Wine’ the Stanton Black 2007 was next, and wow…..This is definitely the Black One!  A darker colour tells you immediately what you already know, that there is depth and real power in this wine.  Dark fruits on the nose, powerful and oaky hints  lead you to the first taste.  I would recommend closing your eyes at this point to fully enjoy the concentrated black-currant, the smokey oak sense, relish the hint of peppery spices in the aftertaste with subtle hints of liquorice…..A complex, yet elegant wine, very smooth and certainly earns the ‘Black’ in its title.  One to drink now, and also to lay down and enjoy in the future, let those amazing tannins continue their incredible work.  You won’t be disappointed.


Lisa and Kim Stanton should be rightly proud of their hard work as it paying off, and they produce some excellent wines.  I will certainly be continuing to sell their wines here through 46 Black Wine at La Noyeraie Rocamadour, and I look forward to taking it back to the UK with my new UK Import Company…. In the meantime, ‘cheers’, ‘sante’, or whatever you wish to say as you drink the excellent wine from Cahors.  well worth a visit, although do contact them first as they are very busy people, but always welcoming too.


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